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Michael McCartney - Legendary Hawai'i Radio Host (Feburary 18, 2018)
"An album ("So The Story Goes") of pure musical bliss. Wonderful songs and killer arrangements of island classics. All killer, no filler."

John Burger - Honolulu Star Advertiser (April 13, 2018)
"Halemanu introduces himself with a beautifully crafted musical snapshot of contemporary Hawai'i ("So The Story Goes" album)."

Mike Metlay, Phd Editor, Recording Magazine (2015)
Mahalo plenty for an engaging, well-written article that took very little work to get ready for the readers. I look forward to working with you in the future!

Pete Sebastian - Hawaii radio personality
"Halemanu is of a caliber of musician that seem to channel music through them, as if in total harmony with its nature, drawing from a very organic source. He has a deep understanding of music and yet delivering with a soulful humble heart."


Jeff Figley, Owner of King Blossom Guitars

"I haven't listened to an album on repeat, in I don't remember how long. The music and vibe is so infectious and carefree. The artistry is superb!" (Referring to Album - So The Story Goes)


Ken & Ginger - Portland, Oregon
"Very nice fretwork. I heard some bluesy stuff in your playing. Loved it!"                                                                                          

Marcy & Paul - New Hampshire
"His smooth music made my heart smile. Can't wait to hear more!

Bonnie - Boring, Oregon
"Enjoyed the variety and styles of music that you played. Definitely be back again."

Jim - Wilsonville, Oregon
"Very entertaining! Love his style of music. Great musician."

Mark and Kristina Nelson - Houston, Texas 
"Halemanu performed both the guitar and ukulele at our wedding ceremony and reception.  He is a very talented musician, and it was a pleasure to listen to him.  I would also mention Halemanu for his professionalism, punctuality and flexibility.  I hope to have the opportunity to hear him perform live again!"

Dave & Terri Gow - Mendocino, California
"Wonderful singing and playing! We had a fun time watching you perform."

Tyler - San Diego
"You are great. Just fantastic!"

Julie and Fred - Los Angeles

"Halemanu & the Hui was excellent! Never better! Thanks for a great evening."

Ken Petersen
"Halemanu is great! He played my favorite song "Haleakala" beautifully. A very gifted performer."

Debbie Sizemore - San Francisco
"His selection of music, authentic aloha spirit, and smooth vocals added magic to a beautiful moment."

John & Joanna - Boston
"Impressive technical chops, and a fine entertainer as well."

Neil Crosby - San Diego
"Good song selection and expertly done. Everyone loved your music!"

Michael McCormick - State Director, Best Buddies Hawaii
"Halemanu regularly performs at of our state fundraisers for Best Buddies Hawaii. He continues to impress everyone with his great music and aloha spirit."

Brandi Sebastian- Hawaii
"You always create a great evening. Thank you!"

Eddie & Leslie - San Francisco
"Exquisite and fluid playing man! You're a pleasure to watch."

Morris H - New York
"He impressed us all. Just a whole lot of entertainment from one guy."

Mike B. - Boston
"You're kind soul comes through in your music!"

Sandy - Hawaii
"Wonderful teacher and entertainer."

Jeff Karns - California
"We heard your music, we decided to stop and listen. Listening to your music while having a few drinks is now one of our favorite Maui memories."

Klaus and Sue - Germany

"Thank you very much for a beautiful evening. We really enjoyed you and your music!!!"

Janet Barr - Vancouver, BC

"The music just flows out of you"

Eddie Schwartz - Maine (August 16, 2022)

"I really liked what you were doing on the guitar! Weaving Jazz and Hawaiian overtones in between the singing and on the solos"