Guitars & Ukes
(2) Carvin AE185
Carvin Bolt Strat
'98 Taylor 812 CE
'92 Fender Telecaster Custom
'88 Fender Telecaster
ʻ61 Martin Electric Hollow Body
ʻ59 Fender Stratocaster
ʻ91 Fender Stratocaster
ʻ92 Fender Strat Plus
'04 Fender Standard Stratocaster
ʻ76 Villiette-Citron Custom Bass
Kanui concert 8 string ukulele
Kanui tenor ukulele
Fujii custom tenor ukulele
Mele tenor ukulele

Mele concert ukulele
Kamaka tenor (1980ʻs)
Kamaka baritone ukulele (1960's)

JWebb custom baritone ukulele 

Mesa-Boogie Lone Star Head
Mesa-boogie Nomad 55 Combo
Marshall TSL 60 Head-Modified
Carvin V3M Head
Carvin SX50 Combo
Carvin X-100B Head
Marshall 1960 4x12 Cab
Carvin 2x12 Cab
Fender Twin Reveb Re-issue
Fender Tremolux Silverface
Fender Deluxe Silverface

Bombshell 1018 Overdrive
SLH Crazy Hawaiian OD (My own signature pedal)
SLH Fuzzy Wuzzy
Eventide Time Factor
Analog man bi-comp
Xotic RC Booster
Xotic EP Booster
Xotic BB Plus
Xotic BB Pre 
Xotic SL Drive
Xotic EP Pre Amp
Xotic Robo Talk (1st Generation)
Ibanez Analog Delay AD-9 (original)
Ibanez Analog Chorus CS-9 (original)
Ibanez TS808 Analog Man Modified
Boss CE-2 (Original) SLH Modified
Boss RC-20
Boss TR2 SLH Modified
Boss SD-1 - SLH Modified
Boss DS-1
Visual sound liquid chorus/delay
Evidence Audio - Mono Rails
Xotic Cables
George Ls cables
On Tour pedal cases

The ones that got away. I wish hadnʻt done some of these deals:((
ʻ72 Gibson ES335
(traded this for the ʻ71 Twin)
ʻ55 Fender Tweed Champ (sold this to a good friend)
ʻ62 Fender Bassman Amp & Cab (traded this for my ʻ59 Strat)
ʻ80's Boogie Mark ii 1x12 Combo (traded this for my Marshall 1/2 stack)
ʻ70s Ampeg VT40
ʻ71 Fender Twin-Silver Face
Fine Instruments 
  I used to be into vintage instruments and amps because I hung out with guys that were collectors and traded often. I still can appreciate fine vintage and mondern well made instruments. All the instruments that I own, I play. I couldnʻt see myself having great instruments and not using them on a gig or in the studio.  Iʻm a player, not a collector. Nowadays, Iʻm into the playability and how that instrument makes me feel when I play it. Does it inspire my playing or hinder it?
     I still have access to a vast collection of fine intstruments though, for recording and special events. A ʻ67 Strat, ʻ60 SG, ʻ78 Les Paul Custom, is just a phone call away. I had a long conversation with Joe Perry of Aerosmith about our mutual love for vintage gear. He told me that on that particular tour he was on, he was using an arsenal of guitars (too many to mention), and 4 "black face" Fender Band Master heads and cabinets. Nice!
     Anyway, the most expensive guitar that I ever played was a primo ʻ38 Martin D-28 acoustic that was and still is owned by Walter Becker of Steely Dan. At that time the guitar was worth $62,000. I was very careful when playing it.